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The University of Portland's Portland Magazine is a most curious creature: a journal of swirling ideas and an account of feats, a village green for conversations of all sorts and a quiet place for contemplation and prayer, a stimulator of tears and a companion for hilarity, a teller of tales and a window into the University's heart and soul. Once a season it emerges from the campus and sails around the world to alumni and friends in 50 states and 40 countries, and so binds men and women and youth interested not only in the University itself but the University's pressing concerns: superb teaching and startling learning, the creative and energetic and mysterious search for holiness and grace in God's extraordinary creation, and the endless stories of how people turn their astonishing talents into active prayers in service to the poor and ill and hungry of the world.

We wish to inform, to report, to account, to convey news; but we also wish to move and stimulate and engage our readers, to spark not only their minds but their hearts. This is the essence of the University of Portland's mission and work; and of Portland Magazine.

Brian Doyle, editor