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  Current Issue: Spring 2008

A Broken Health System

The crisis and glory of nursing: new dean Joanne Warner speaks.
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The University of Portland

Over the last five years the fine Oregon portraitist Jerry Hart has photographed hundreds of University students, who have sailed from The Bluff all over the world. We gather some back together just for fun.
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A Burning Soul

First Communion, May, 1956: joy, tears, fasting, fears, "the opalescent light, the fragility of the incorporeal, the longing for what is elusive, for what is timeless..." by Mary Gordon.
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A Creature of the Air

Notes on the engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur Dick VanGrunsven '61, pilot of the world's largest manufacturer of kits for home-built airplanes. By Todd Schwartz.
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Dan Reilly

On that cheerfulest of men, sage admissions counselor Dan Reilly.
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Garrett Smith '91

The National Coach of the Year, 2007: soccer's Garrett Smith '91.
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