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  Current Issue: Fall 2003

Rec League

Notes on boys and coaching by Brian Doyle.
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The River

"I was witness to a moment of incredible holiness and I can no longer lock that up inside of my heart...". Written by Paul Myers.
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His Honor

A talk with Edward Leavy '50, who has spent fifty years as a judge, and presided over the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and Wen Ho Lee cases...by Brett Oppegaard '99.
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Let it Go

Two days on campus with monks and sand grains and the wildest colors ever. Photographs by Steve Scardina.
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Notes on Americanness, by the University's 2001 visiting writer, Ian Frazier.
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An essay by Fr. Pat Hannon, C.S.C.
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Her Defiant Grace

Becky Houck, by Karen Eifler.
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Fr. George Bernard, C.S.C.

The direct & gracious Father George Bernard, C.S.C.
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