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Paul Hawken's recent commencement speech hailed as one of the best of last 75 years

Environmental activist Paul Hawken has received critical acclaim for his keynote address at the University of Portland on May 3rd as part of the institution's 108th Commencement.

In an address called one of the most outstanding commencement speeches of the last 75 years, Hawken advocated social justice and corporate responsibility as vital to the future of life on earth.

“You can print money to bail out a bank, but you can’t print life to bail out a planet,” he said during his speech. “At present, we are stealing the future, selling it in the present, and calling it GDP. We can just as easily have an economy that is based on healing the future instead of stealing it. Whenever we exploit the earth, we exploit people and cause untold suffering. Working for the earth is not a way to get rich, it is a way to be rich.”

Hawken’s Complete Address – Chiles Center, University of Portland (May 3, 2009) Outstanding Commencement Speeches 1936-2009

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