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David Wynne

David WynneAssistant Professor of Biology

David Wynne is a molecular and cell biologist whose research uses genetics to understand chromosome structure and dynamics. His interest in biology led him to crisscross the nation over the course of his career. A native of New Jersey, he began studying biology as an undergraduate at Amherst College, where he was first exposed to genetic analysis of C. elegans. This microscopic soil-dwelling worm has become one of the powerhouse systems of modern genetics and is what he will be studying again in his laboratory at UP. David then headed to the West Coast to earn his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, using C. elegans to study chromosome movement. Next, he headed back east for postdoctoral research at The Rockefeller University in Manhattan, where he used a biochemical system to probe chromosome structure. Having personally experienced the spark that research can ignite in an undergraduate, David has long been interested in starting a laboratory with undergraduates. To that end, he became the first awardee of a Teacher-Scholar Fellowship at The College of New Jersey, near Trenton, N.J., a position created to train research scientists to run laboratories at undergraduate- focused institutions.

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