2017 New Faculty Profiles


Laura Dyer

Laura Dyer Assistant Professor of Biology

"Dr. Dyer’s research lab focuses on how the coronary arteries connect to the aorta during development and how prenatal alcohol exposure alters cardiac innervation."

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Julia Ruppell

Julia Ruppell Instructor of Biology

"The same awe, respect, and love for nature that propelled Julia’s research inspires her commitment to the classroom."

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David Wynne

David Wynne Assistant Professor of Biology

"David’s research uses genetics to understand chromosome structure and dynamics."

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Barbara Bloom-Groshong

Barbara Bloom-Groshong Visiting Instructor of Business

"Barbara was an attorney in Portland for 22 years, practicing employment and labor law in both the public and private sectors. "

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Claire Costin

Claire Costin Instructor of Business

"With research interests centering around the incentives and consequences of earnings management, Claire is also working on research projects in the areas of international accounting, auditing, and accounting regulation."

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Lizhong Hao

Lizhong Hao Assistant Professor of Business

"Lizhong’s primary research focuses on financial accounting, capital market, and the impact of new accounting information technology, using archival research methodology. "

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Wilson Jacob

Wilson Jacob Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

"Wilson’s research interest is in the synthesis of organic ligands, metal complexes, and structural, chemical, and reactivity studies of the complexes."

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Buck Taylor

Buck Taylor Associate Professor of Chemistry

"It’s powerful for students to see how the principles they learn in class can be used to solve the latest research problems."

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Benjamin Gallegos

Benjamin Gallegos Assistant Professor of Education

"Ben’s early experiences working with children with disabilities began at the YWCA After-School Program, where he was inspired to become a teacher. "

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Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith Instructor of Education

"Rebecca’s experience includes ten years of teaching in numerous settings, including teaching the homeless population as a Jesuit Volunteer in Nashville."

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Kathleen Bieryla

Kathleen Bieryla Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

"Kathleen’s recent research has concentrated on collegiate field hockey players, examining pre- and postseason fitness measures, biomechanics, and physiology metrics."

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Christy Ivler

Christy Ivler Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

"Christy is excited to bring her experience as a research aerospace engineer for the U.S. Army Aviation Development Directorate to her new position at UP."

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Nazanin Mansouri

Nazanin Mansouri Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

"Prior to joining UP, Nazanin Mansouri was a SoC design engineer working in the area of power management in a prestigious design team at Intel."

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Jennifer Symons

Jennifer Symons Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

"Jen is passionate about teaching biomechanics and statistics for engineers."

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Benjamin Tribelhorn

Benjamin Tribelhorn Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science

"Benjamin’s research interests include computer vision, bioinformatics, and robotics."

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Philip Vue

Philip Vue Digital Services Librarian

"If you have seen any of the Clark Library’s digital collections, you have seen some of Philip’s work and passion."

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Eli Goldwyn

Eli Goldwyn Assistant Professor of Mathematics

"Eli has a passion for teaching and mentoring students about both the beauty of mathematics and its power to better understand biological and physical systems."

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Tanya Bachman

Tanya Bachman Instructor of Nursing

"Tanya is passionate about healthy living and whole foods eating, bringing this energy into the classroom to share with her students as a part of integrative health. "

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Michelle King

Michelle King Instructor of Nursing

"Michelle is passionate about the art of precepting and enjoys training capstone students and new graduate nurses."

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Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer Instructor of Nursing

"Before coming to University of Portland, Stephanie worked as a nurse informaticist at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center."

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Anjanette Raber

Anjanette Raber Assistant Professor of Nursing

"Anjie’s research focuses on the interaction between faculty and students in the clinical setting."

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Briana Rotter

Briana Rotter Assistant Professor of Nursing

"Briana has a passion for increasing nursing student knowledge of palliative care."

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Karen Steinke

Karen Steinke Instructor of Nursing

"Karen serves as a commander in the Nurse Corps and is credentialed in emergency/trauma nursing."

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Punam Ghimire

Punam Ghimire Instructor of Physics

"Punam graduated with distinction from Mount Carmel College in Bangalore, India with majors in physics, chemistry, and mathematics."

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Elliot Mylott

Elliot Mylott Instructor of Physics

"Elliot’s work focuses on how to improve physics instruction, particularly for students in the health sciences."

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