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Punam Ghimire

Punam GhimireInstructor of Physics

Prior to her appointment as instructor, Punam Ghimire served as an adjunct lecturer at UP, starting in spring 2017. She taught general physics, a calculus-based electricity and magnetism course. Punam received both her B.S. and M.S. in physics from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). For her master’s thesis, she studied and investigated the role of plastic deformation on a phase transition of material under shock condition (extremely high pressure in the range of billions of pascal) via computer simulation, helping her understand the strength of materials. As a student at UTEP, she worked as a teaching and research assistant, as well as serving as a graduate student scholarship representative, advisor to the Office of International Programs, and abstract judge in an intercollegiate symposium organized by the Scientista Foundation. Before coming to the USA, she earned her bachelor of science from Mount Carmel College (MCC), Bangalore, India, under the General Cultural Scholarship, sponsored by the Government of India. She graduated with distinction from MCC in 2010 with majors in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. During her stay in India, she also served in various international student associations where she advocated for diversity and inclusion. Punam was born and raised in Nepal and enjoys nature.

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