2019 New Faculty Profiles


photo of Lt. Col. Jeremy Rockwell

Lt. Col. Jeremy Rockwell Professor of Military Science, Army ROTC

"I believe in cultivating leaders of character who value lifelong learning and a strong connection to their communities."

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Major Pamela DeVille

Major Pamela DeVille Assistant Professor of Military Science, Army ROTC

"I look forward to shaping America’s future by developing tomorrow’s leaders."

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Major Kristy Harrison

Major Kristy Harrison Assistant Professor of Military Science, Army ROTC

"Major Harrison has served in a variety of leadership roles around the world."

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SFC Wesley Averkamp

SFC Wesley Averkamp Senior Military Instructor, Army ROTC

"SFC Averkamp has held leadership positions ranging from Team Leader to Company First Sergeant during his seventeen year career in the Army."

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Jose Reyna

Jose Reyna Visiting Instructor, Biology

"I enjoy capturing the moment when students bridge the gap between their coursework and experiential learning. I am an advocate for students and strive to make a satisfying career a reality for everyone."

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Mohammad Arbabian

Mohammad Arbabian Assistant Professor, Pamplin School of Business

"I have found teaching and researching as the best ways to make a difference in other people’s lives."

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Kay Molkentin

Kay Molkentin Professor of Practice of Entrepreneurship, Pamplin School of Business

"I am passionate about helping everyone discover and develop their entrepreneurial mindset."

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Gary Beckley

Gary Beckley Assistant Dean for PACE, School of Education

"I believe that as an educator my primary purpose is to ensure that I make today such that each student wants to return tomorrow. Then we have authentic engagement."

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Katie Danielson

Katie Danielson Assistant Professor, School of Education

"Katie is interested in understanding the connections between teacher educator pedagogy and subsequent candidate enactment with culturally and linguistically diverse children."

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Deirdre Katz

Deirdre Katz Assistant Professor, School of Education

"Deirdre’s research focuses on the intersection of school-based social emotional learning (SEL) and psychophysiology in adolescents."

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Aaron Moss

Aaron Moss Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Shiley School of Engineering

"My goal is to make the full power of computing hardware accessible to as many programmers as possible. I believe all programming language designers should also be teachers; the classroom experience is invaluable in clarifying design."

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Daman Oberoi

Daman Oberoi Visiting Instructor, Shiley School of Engineering

"I believe our job as educators is to lay the foundation of concepts, provide context to the material, and support students to pursue and develop in the areas that most interest them."

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Salvador Orara

Salvador Orara Professor of Practice of Innovation, Shiley School of Engineering

"It takes a lot of skill and creativity to see the world through the eyes of someone else, let alone invent something that seeks to change their lives. I seek to help students develop these skills."

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Christina Prucha

Christina Prucha Head of Collection Services

"Christina hails from St. Louis, Missouri where she was most recently the Director of Library Services at State Technical College "

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Todd Basil

Todd Basil Instructor, Mathematics

"Through teaching mathematics, Todd strives to promote critical thinking, encourage collaboration, and lessen anxiety through humor."

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Cynthia Backer

Cynthia Backer Instructor, School of Nursing

"I am excited to facilitate our new leaders in nursing and integrative health and wellness."

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Narcy Foraker

Narcy Foraker Instructor, School of Nursing

"I look forward to using my passion for the nursing profession and commitment to life-long learning to nurture the nursing leaders of tomorrow."

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Kelly Fox

Kelly Fox Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

"Through the process of engaging the mind, body, and spirit, Kelly’s goal is to inspire students to attain greater knowledge and deeper understanding in the pursuit of excellence."

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Dawn Garzon Maaks

Dawn Garzon Maaks Associate Professor, School of Nursing

"Dawn Garzon Maaks is a seasoned nurse educator and clinician with a passion for improving child physical and mental health."

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Kristine Harrington

Kristine Harrington Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

"I am here to help students learn how to care for people on the best and worst days of their lives."

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Maren Nelson

Maren Nelson Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

"I am dedicated to a true continuum of care between primary care, specialty care, palliative, and end of life strategies."

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Isabelle Soule

Isabelle Soule Associate Professor, School of Nursing

"My research interest is in the development of cultural humility. My clients and students from around the world have been my most important teachers."

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Molly Sperry

Molly Sperry Instructor, School of Nursing

"Molly’s favorite thing about teaching is being part of a shared learning experience."

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Performing & Fine Arts

Lezlie Cross

Lezlie Cross Assistant Professor, Performing & Fine Arts

"Lezlie’s goal as a teacher is to dynamically connect her students with theatre history and dramatic literature, making the study of theatre concrete, vibrant, and fun."

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photo of Lucy Shanno

Lucy Shanno Visiting Instructor, Performing & Fine Arts

"Lucy is passionate about the history of musical ideas."

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Nelson Coates

Nelson Coates Assistant Professor, Physics

"I love helping students experience the thrill of 'eureka' moments, whether in the classroom, research lab, or beyond!"

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Psychological Sciences

Renee Crowgey

Renee Crowgey Visiting Assistant Professor, Psychological Sciences

"Renee has a passion for bringing real-world clinical experience into the classroom."

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Erin Currie

Erin Currie Visiting Assistant Professor, Psychological Sciences

"My goal is to help people to use knowledge from psychology to improve their lives and make the world a better place."

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