Aaron Moss

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Shiley School of Engineering

Aaron MossAaron Moss is a computer science educator and researcher specializing in programming language design and algorithms for compiler construction. His overall goal is to make the full power of computing hardware accessible to as many programmers as possible. Aaron has developed new algorithms for recognizing parsing expression grammars, with the aim of improving the real-world performance of this easy-to-use language formalism. He contributed a number of new features to the C∀ programming language as part of his doctoral research, as well as significantly improving C∀ compiler performance through algorithmic improvements. The next topic in his programming language design work is better abstractions for data-parallel computing on commodity hardware such as graphics cards. Given that he started his academic career with an undergraduate internship at a research lab, he looks forward to the opportunity to provide similar experiences to his own students. Aaron received his doctorate from the University of Waterloo, and holds a M.C.S. and B.C.S. from the University of New Brunswick. Aaron looks forward to Portland’s famously bicycle-friendly weather, and when not teaching can be found reading books, playing board games, or enjoying live theatre with his family.