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Amber Vermeesch

Amber VermeeschAssociate Professor of Nursing

“I want to be a difference maker — as an educator, researcher, and practitioner. I feel privileged to be working with the next generation of nurses and witnessing their ‘light bulb’ moments of understanding. I believe my job is to prepare students for the art and science of nursing practice as well as for a lifetime of learning.

My research focuses on both physical activity promotion and health and wellness promotion for students, faculty, and staff. I hope to decrease health disparities for all vulnerable groups by promoting interest in preventative measures, including the in- creasing of physical activity and reduction of stress among undergraduate and graduate nursing students.

I believe conducting research with students is one of my essential tasks as a faculty member. I recently worked with my nursing colleague Halina Barber and two undergraduate students on a research project entitled ‘Road less traveled: Stressors & coping strategies unique to undergraduate nursing students.’ This research investigated stressors and coping mechanisms for undergraduate students so as to identify stressors and resources and also create and pilot a formal peer-to-peer mentoring program to reduce stress. In addition, I am conducting research projects with two doctor of nursing practice students: one on ethical dilemmas in clinical situations and the other on physical activity prevalence and trends among minority women.

In the School of Nursing, I feel part of an incredible team dedicated to the education and development of students as people. In addition to being difference makers ourselves, we are educating difference makers who will change the world for the better. Our faculty are dedicated to being the best facilitators of not only knowledge, but also on how to be a more complete person. I enjoy working with such awe-inspiring people, and I look forward to continuing this work. The possibilities are endless.”

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