Beatriz Itzel Cruz Megchun

Assistant Professor of Design, Pamplin School of Business

photo of Beatriz Itzel Cruz MegchunPrior to arriving at UP, Itzel Cruz Megchun was an assistant professor of design management in the College of Architecture, Art, and Design at the American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Before undertaking the tenure track, she pursued her postdoctoral fellowship in the Center of Applied Business Research at Staffordshire University, where she explored the role of design in the decision-making process of entrepreneurs in small technology-based enterprises. Itzel completed her doctorate at Staffordshire University, where she studied the role of design during the development of technological innovations in small technology-based enterprises in new industries in Mexico. She has a master’s degree in design management from the University of Salford, and earned her bachelor of arts in industrial design at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Xochimilco, Mexico. Itzel enjoys consulting businesses based in the creative, manufacturing, and new technology industries. She also participates in projects with non-governmental organizations and governments addressing social inequalities, design promotion, and innovation development. She has lived and worked on five continents. Outside academia, Itzel enjoys pondering life while traveling, meeting people, and getting lost in cities around the world.