Erin Currie

Visiting Assistant Professor, Psychological Sciences

Erin CurrieErin Currie is a psychologist who is passionate about putting theory into practice. Her research integrates social psychology and cognitive psychology to understand the unconscious processes that sabotage our efforts to accurately understand our world and interact with others. In her writing, Erin applies psychological theory to popular culture. In doing so, she makes psychology more approachable as people work to understand themselves through their favorite movie, television, and comic book characters. In Erin’s prior work as a university counselor, she specialized in anxiety management, trauma recovery, and academic skills development. She completed her master’s and doctoral degrees in counseling psychology at the University of Utah. Since moving to Portland, she started her own professional development consulting business, taught psychology at Portland Community College and Portland State University, spent a few summers at sea working as the counselor aboard the training ship Golden Bear for the California State University Maritime Academy, and climbed a few mountains.