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Min Yu

Min Yu photoAssistant Professor of Operations and Technology Management

“I am fascinated by how data and quantitative methods can help both individuals and corporations make better decisions. In today’s global scenario, timely deliveries of products are as important as money, productivity, quality, and even innovation. In times of crisis, time is life — and it becomes a far more important incentive than money. I was originally attracted to this field while studying management science, known as ‘the science of better.’

My research interests include network optimization, game theory, and supply chain network design and management. My main focus is on the field of time-sensitive products, which range from fashion and fresh food to products of a life-saving nature, such as medicines, pharmaceuticals, or critically needed products in humanitarian operations. With the number of natural disasters increasing around the globe, the need for effective preparedness has become even more vital. My collaborators and I recently constructed a supply chain optimization model for obtaining, storing, transporting, and distributing relief goods to disaster-prone regions.

I also study supply chain sustainability. Apparel and accessories are among the most frequently purchased and replaced consumer products. The globalization of these supply chains and the carbon emissions provide challenges as well as opportunities for actions towards sustainability. Fashion firms recognize that green or eco- friendly apparel enhances brand recognition with consumers who are increasingly aware of the negative environmental impacts of manufacturing apparel.

I involve a number of Pamplin Fellow graduate students in my research and advise undergraduates in our operations and technology management major. I hope to give them the analytical tools and critical thinking skills they need to develop successful careers. It gives me great pleasure to see students become effective critical thinkers and competent professionals.”

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