Priya Mani

Lecturer of Microbiology, Biology

Priya ManiPriya Mani is joining the Department of Biology, where she will be teaching microbiology and sharing her appreciation of microscopic organisms. Priya aims to share her knowledge about the connection between microorganisms, human health, and our shared environment on this planet, informed by her understanding of the crucial role microbial communities play in maintaining the health of an individual. Prior to joining UP, Priya taught microbiology, cell biology for health majors, and introductory biology in the Department of Life Sciences at Portland Community College for the past eight years. Priya completed her postdoctoral fellowship at Oregon Health & Science University, where she extensively researched mechanisms of neurodegeneration using a combination of genetics and molecular biology approaches. Priya completed her doctorate in cell and molecular biology at Michigan State University. Outside of teaching, Priya enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the Pacific Northwest, and gardening.