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Contracting, Payments & Reimbursements

Contracting & Payments

All contracts, payment forms, and reimbursement forms should be submitted to the Office of Student Activities or the ASUP director of finance two weeks in advance to ensure all payments and paperwork will be processed on time.

If you are agreeing to pay an individual or group for services to your club (concert performance, guest lecture, equipment rental, etc.), you MUST submit the following three forms to the Coordinator of Clubs & Organizations:

  1. Standard Agreement Form (Contract). This is the legal agreement between the person or group you are paying and the University.  
    • You fill out the top portion with event logistics, and the amount you have agreed to pay.
    • The person or group you are paying fills out the bottom right portion with their name, signature, tax ID#, etc.
    • The UNIVERSITY fills out the bottom left portion. 

    *As a student you cannot sign contracts with vendors or speakers. Only an agent of the university. If you have questions or concerns, reach out to the Program Coordinator for Clubs and Organizations, Bryan Dennis.

  2. Substitute W-9 Form
    • The person or group you are paying completes this entire form.
  3. Reimbursement & Payment Request
    • You complete the top half of the form.
    • Work with the ASUP Director of Finance to fill out the rest of the form, if using ASUP funds.
    • Leave the "Controller's Office Signature", "Banner Document #", and "Authorized Budget Approver" lines blank.

*If you are requesting reimbursement for a purchase you or a club member has made on behalf of the club, complete the Reimbursement & Payment Request Form.