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Diversity-Related & Cultural Clubs and Organizations

Active Minds - The purpose of Active Minds is to increase awareness of mental health issues and to promote an environment without stigma on campus. Active Minds seeks to foster a culture where all members of the community feel comfortable and listened to on topics of mental health.

American Sign Language Club - The purpose of this club is to learn American Sign Language as a group and to provide opportunities to practice and apply our learning together while raising awareness of the importance of ASL in our communities. This club aims to teach and inform its members on the impact that learning sign language has in our own lives and the lives of others.

Black Student UnionThe Black Student Union at University of Portland strives to promote friendship, respect, and cooperation among Black students, as well as with all other racial and ethnic groups, at the University. To promote cultural awareness and diversity at the University of Portland through the participation and organization of cultural, social and educational events. And to welcome and orient new Black students to the University of Portland and the surrounding communities.

Chinese Language & Culture Club - This club promotes and educates students of the study of the Chinese language and culture through planned activities, meetings, and events throughout the University of Portland.

FASA (Filipino American Student Association) - FASA strives to bring unity, pride and teamwork within all cultural members as well as teach and learn more about the Filipino culture. Our goals are to establish a supportive environment promote academics, cultural awareness, spread the importance of volunteer work in order to build a closer community, embrace the Philippine culture and develop an open and accepting relationship. 

Feminist Discussion Group -  Strives to create a space for women and men to discuss and to educate one another on feminism and related issues in an open, respectful, and supportive atmosphere, and extends that discussion and education to the greater University community through speakers, activities, and other events.   

French Club The purpose of the French Club is to allow students of University of Portland the opportunity to experience and learn about French Culture.

Gender and Sexuality Partnership - The mission of the GSP is to build a community that is open and welcoming to students of all sexual orientations. The GSP represents and models the University goals of inclusiveness and community, bringing together gay and straight students.

Guam Club (Mane'lun Guahan) - The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for the successful exchange of Guam culture and values among the UP community. It is meant to foster the spirit of familia (family) as students and faculty learn about Chamorros (natives to the island of Guam) and other Guamanian cultures while providing a strong support group dedicated to keeping those who are far from home together as they pursue an education and life here at the University of Portland. Mane'lun Guahan seeks to provide a base for cultural sharing and expression. 

Hawai'i Club Promotes the culture and heritage of Hawaii; open to all students. 

International Club - International Club sponsors social, cultural, and educational events that promotes a wide understanding of cultures around the world. We are open to all students with the purpose of promoting international understanding, justice, unity, and peace among persons from various cultural backgrounds through participation in cultural, social, and educational activities.

Italian Club - The Italian Club is to help inform and teach others about Italian culture. We would like to inform this UP community about Italian food, language, sports, activities, holidays and more.

Jewish Student Union - The purpose of this club is to bring together a Jewish community through celebration of holidays and putting together Friday night dinners for Shabbat. We hope to educate and interest Jewish and non-Jewish students to learn more about Judaism.

La Mesa Redonda (Spanish Conversation Group) - We provide educational opportunities outside of the classroom for those interested in the Spanish language and culture. The club also provides the opportunity to meet with other UP students and faculty interested in speaking Spanish as well as international students.

Mixed Student Union - The purpose of this club is to explore and discuss the history and experiences of multiracial, multiethnic, and mixed individuals. We hope to create a safe space to discuss students' personal experiences and questions about the topic. We aim to interest and educate students on the multiethnic experience, while learning ourselves.

Latinx Student Union (formerly known as M.E.Ch.A.) - Nationally recognized chapter dedicated to fighting for equality and exhibit community service skills.

Native American AssociationThe purpose of this club is to discuss, celebrate, and explore Native American traditions and cultures from indigenous tribes from in America and around the world. It focuses on understanding Native customs and beliefs regarding the environment and spirituality, as well as examining the peoples’ histories. The club explores regions around the U.S. and the tribes from each area.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers - SHPE aids in the growth of the inclusive community here on the University of Portland campus in order for our students to reach their full potential. All events serve SHPE members in developing their communication skills while aiding the University of Portland in building a more inclusive environment for not only SHPE members, but the engineering department as a whole.

Vietnamese Student Association - The Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) is a cultural club, dedicated to the general development of the student body. Like other chapters worldwide, its purpose is to maintain and promote Vietnamese culture and tradition among the youth. VSA also hopes to unite students of Vietnamese heritage and students interested in Vietnam together, to create opportunities for them to learn, make life-long friendships, and build leadership skills throughout their college careers. The VSA of University of Portland also aspires to build good relationships within the greater Vietnamese community of Portland and other surrounding areas through volunteer service as well as cultural awareness.

*If a club does not have an email address, please email for information.