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Posting details and chalking on campus

All flyers, posters, table tents, and other forms of printed advertisements need an approval stamp from the Office of Student Activities to remain posted on campus.

The student activities office is pleased to post your flyers for you, saving you the effort of walking all over campus! Just bring the appropriate number of flyers or posters to our office and we'll get them up on the bulletin boards we are responsible for around campus! Flyer distribution occurs every Tuesday and Thursday that school is in session.

*Helpful hint: Bring in or email the original flyer to the student activities office or email it to before making copies of your flier to ensure that all the necessary information has been included.

What Quantity Where
Full run: 18 All Campus
Main bulletin boards only: 8

Franz, BC, Commons, Library, St. Mary's

Residence Halls only:

10 All Residence Halls
Sales/ Solicitation: 2 Franz, BC
Off-campus advertisements: 3 Franz, BC
Large Posters (2'x3') 1 Commons
Table Tents 90 Commons

Flyer and Poster Regulations

Size maximum:
Flyers: 8.5 x 11 inches
Posters: 14 x 22 inches

Flyers and posters must display the following information:

  • Accurate date, time, and location
  • The following sentence: "For questions or ADA accommodations, please contact (SPONSOR NAME) at (SPONSOR EMAIL or PHONE)." This sentence is required on all UP flyers/posters and is used to signify ADA accommodations, the UP club, organization or department sponsoring the activity (this cannot be a student name), and contact information for someone organizing the activity.


Chalking on Campus

Recognized clubs, student organizations, and campus departments may use sidewalk chalk to advertise an event or promote messages related to the group’s mission and purpose provided they obtain permission in advance from the Office of Student Activities. Permission may be obtained by filling out the chalking on campus form above at least three business days in advance.

Once approved, chalking is allowed under the following guidelines:

  • Only non-toxic, erasable chalk may be used; permanent markers, grease-based chalk, spray-on chalk paint, and/or any other forms of paint are not permitted.
  • Chalk may only be applied to horizontal, solid surfaces exposed to the sky such as campus sidewalks, walkways, and patios near residence hall entrances and the Pilot House where rain waters will naturally wash it off.
  • Chalk may not be applied to streets, parking spaces, the Bell Tower Plaza, the entryway to the Chapel of Christ the Teacher, the Seal of Holy Cross on the Academic Quad, benches, or any vertical surfaces (including, but not limited to, sides of buildings, step faces, stair risers, pillars, and trash receptacles).
  • The application of chalk may not deface decorative symbols or engraved text located on the sidewalks.
  • Chalk messages must be attributed to the sponsoring group or the messages will be subject to removal.
  • All messages must be respectful and appropriate for the general public, including children and other campus guests.
  • Messages deemed to be hateful, offensive, or construed to be threats of emotional or physical harm toward an individual or group are not permitted, will be removed, and parties found responsible will be referred to the Associate Director for Community Standards for review.
  • Arrangements must be made for approved event promotion messages to be removed within 24 hours of the completion of the event or the sponsoring group could be subject to removal charges.

Contact the Office of Student Activities with further questions: 503.943.7470 or