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Special Interest Clubs

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A Moment of Magic - The purpose of this club is to create awareness for pediatric cancer and to cultivate a passion in service for the University of Portland population. 

American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) - The purpose of this club is to develop and educate students by seeking mentorship with medical professionals, promote women’s careers in medicine, and volunteer in the surrounding community.

Art Club - The purpose of this club is to provide a means for students to create, share, discuss, and appreciate art.

Basic Stitches - The purpose of this club is to teach our members some of the basic stitches that come with knitting and how to knit simple projects while developing more intermediate skills as members reach this stage.

Board Game Club (Spielfriek Society) - The purpose of this club is to connect people with an interest in board games (broadly defined as those games played face to face) and provide an environment in which they can be enjoyed.

Campus Lion's Club - The purpose of this club is to create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world, to promote the principles of good government and good citizenship, to take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community. 

Circle K International Club - The purpose of this club is to foster student leadership, while providing ample volunteer opportunities.

College Ecology Club -  The purpose of this club is to build awareness of the environmental issues of our campus, work with the UP community by planning activities that benefit the environment, and promote individual responsibility around recycling, reducing, and reusing.    

Fashion Club - The purpose of this club is to showcase the possibilities a career with an emphasis on fashion could present, and offers an environment in which all students are invited to come together and discuss current fashion trends and events.

Geology Club - The purpose of this club is to explore the geology and natural history of the Pacific Northwest.

Global Engineering Initiative - The purpose of this club is to promote socially aware engineering through regional and international service projects.

Her Campus PortlandThe purpose of this club is to create a publication that strives to provide interesting articles that are both personal and relevant to women's lives, and allows aspiring journalists (both male and female) to grow as writers and gain great journalistic experience. 

Investment Association (UPIA) - The purpose of this club is to assist in the professional, educational and social development of students interested in the fields of finance, banking and investments. 

Magic the Gathering Club (MTGC) - The purpose of this club is to bring Magic the Gathering players from all over campus together and create a community to be able to play and share knowledge with one another. 

Model United Nations - The purpose of this club is to better critical thinking, public speaking skills, delegation, and understanding of world issues through modeling the current United Nations procedures and modules. 

Nutrition and Healthy Eating Club - The purpose of this club is to raise student awareness of the importance of nutrition in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by educating students through discussion, events, and utilizing resources to build student community and wellness surrounding food.

PlanUP - The purpose of this club is to provide members with the opportunity to organize their paper planner and give members a time to be social and bond over their admiration of planning.

Portland Film and Production Club - The purpose of the club is to enhance, develop, and promote the process of creating and analyzing film.

Sales Club - The purpose of the club is to promote and educate students of the study of the sales, operations, and related content through planned, meetings, events, and guest speakers.

Society for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) - The purposes of this club is to educate students and the general public about the benefits of space exploration and development to provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas in space related areas of interest, and to organize students in hands on technical projects related to space exploration.

Student Alumni Association - The purpose of this club is to foster tradition and school spirit, build pride and loyalty, create future alumni leaders, and encourage interaction between current students and alumni.

Student Led Unity Garden (SLUG) - The purpose of this club is to maintain the growth and continual development of the University of Portland community garden. 

Swing Dance Club - The purpose of this club is to be a fun and social experience that fuses a bit of the 1930s into today’s culture through East Coast and West Coast Swing Dancing, costumes, and music such as Big Band Swing. 

Tengoku no Anime Club - The purpose of this club is to broaden an understanding of cultures through the experience of animation.