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Sport Clubs

Badminton Club - This club sport offers students with the opportunity to learn and play badminton. Students can choose to play for fun or train for improvement.

Basketball Club - The overall purpose of the club team is to provide an intermediate playing level basketball team(s) between intramural and the Division-1 leagues.

Climb UP -  Bouldering and rock climbing are excellent ways to stay in shape, challenge yourself, and meet new people. ClimbUP offers climbers of every skill level to take their minds off of school and enjoy a physically demanding activity. The sport of climbing is appealing to many and we encourage everyone to come out and try it!

Fly Fishing Club - The purpose of this club is to educate students on fly fishing, and to promote the sport of fly fishing.

Golf Club - The purpose of this club is to provide a welcoming environment for those seeking to pursue the game of golf on a casual level. For those who have little or no experience, the club will offer courses on basic fundamentals using instructional videos and personal training with our more experienced golfers.

Lacrosse (Men's) -  provides males an opportunity to play on an organized club team, travel, and help expand the growing interest in men’s lacrosse.

Lacrosse (Women's) - provides women with an opportunity to play on an organized club team, travel, and help expand the growing interest in women’s lacrosse.

Soccer (Men's) - creates a chance for male students to compete with club teams of other colleges and universities. 

Soccer (Women's) - provides an opportunity for women to participate in competitive soccer at the club level.

Ultimate Frisbee (Men's) - develops frisbee skills, improves physical fitness, and competes in high level competitions. 

Ultimate Frisbee (Women's) gives female students the opportunity to practice and compete in the sport of ultimate frisbee. This club will provide an opportunity for structured competition and practice aimed at further enjoyment of the sport and improvement in frisbee skills.

Pilots Running Club (P.R.C.)- A group of motivated students interested in track and field training and competing to the best of their abilities. P.R.C. is a place where self-improvement is the primary goal. P.R.C. also is a place where students from the community can compete at a collegiate level.

Ski & Snowboard Club - The University of Portland Ski and Snowboard Club (Pilot Snow Club) provides an opportunity for all those interested in skiing and snowboarding to explore that interest and to foster new friendships and hobbies among the UP community and in the Pacific Northwest.

Tennis Club - offers undergraduate students numerous opportunities for play at all levels and for greater involvement in the tennis community.  This includes the formation and maintenance of a traveling team, maintaining relations with local clubs/community, and participation with the USTA.

Volleyball Club -  The University of Portland Volleyball Club (UPVC) seeks to increase interest in volleyball on the University of Portland campus, providing a competitive, healthy environment for a diverse group of people. 

*If a club does not have an email address, please email for information.