CPB Special Events Coordinator | University of Portland

CPB Special Events Coordinator

Job Title

CPB Special Events Coordinator


Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Special Events Coordinator is tasked with creating, organizing, and executing all designated “special events,” including but not limited to: Riverboat, Anchors Away, Cosmic Tubing, as well as having the creative freedom to create their own unique campus event
  • Create engaging and interactive events on and off UP campus
  • Coordinate with a variety of campus partners in planning and hosting events (including but not limited to: academic clubs, multicultural clubs, special interest clubs, residence halls, etc.)
  • Coordinate with performers, vendors, and agents to provide live entertainment on campus
  • Assist in collaborative brainstorming sessions with other coordinators to create and develop events
  • Work collaboratively with marketing team to create advertising and marketing materials for events


General Qualifications and Requirements

  • Required: Minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA to apply
  • Preferred: High attention to detail and working within an assigned budget
  • Preferred: Effective, timely, and professional communication to students, faculty/staff, and external vendors
  • Preferred: Proficient in public speaking or interested in improving public speaking skills
  • Preferred: Ability to effectively troubleshoot challenges in preparation for and throughout events
  • Preferred: Basic knowledge of graphic design software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva)
  • Preferred: Ability to lift 25-50 pounds and push heavy equipment on wheeled cart
  • Preferred: Prior experience with event planning or interest in learning about event planning


Good Standing Statement

The position you are applying for requires students to be in good standing with the University of Portland. By agreeing to apply to this position you are consenting to allow the Office of Student Activities to request your involvement in the University of Portland Conduct Process. You may submit an additional explanation that will accompany your application.