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Disclaimer: This calendar highlights and showcases a number of nationally recognized months and events not limited to: cultural, heritage, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, etc. Some cultural events are highlighted due to the populations reflected our on our campus. This is not an all inclusive list for questions or concerns please contact 



December 2018

Universal Human Rights Month 

Hanukkah: Dec. 2nd-Dec. 10th 

Kwanzaa: Dec. 26th-Jan. 1st 

Dec. 1st- Worlds Aids Day

Dec. 3rd- International Day of Disabled Persons 

Dec. 5th- Las Posadas- 7:00PM-9:00PM- Mehling Ballroom

Dec. 6th- Pilots Paint- 7:00PM- St. Mary's Lounge 

Dec. 10th- International Human Rights Day 

Dec. 12th- Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe Mass

                  Information Session- 12:00AM- St. Mary's Lounge

                  Bilingual Mass- 12:30AM-1:30AM- Chapel of Christ  

Dec. 18th- International Migrants Day  

January 2019 

Diversity Dialogues: Jan. 21st- Feb. 1st

World Religion(s) Awareness

Jan. 16th- National Religious Freedom Day 

Jan. 17th- Pilots Paint- 7:00PM- St. Mary's Lounge 

Jan. 20th- World Religion Day 

Jan. 21st- MLK Day 

Jan. 21st- MLK Day Sermon- TBA- Chapel of Christ 

Jan. 22nd- Disabilities History Showcase- TBA

Jan. 22nd-  Connection and Internship for Students of Color- Career Services- 4:15PM- Franz 120 

Jan. 24th- Dr. Garcia Lecture-Guam Club Event- 5:30PM-St. Mary's Lounge

Jan. 27th- International Holocaust Remembrance Day 

Jan. 29th or Jan. 30th- CASL Speaker-TBA 

Jan. 31st- Pilots Paint- 7:00PM- St. Mary's Lounge

Feb. 1st- Diversity Dialogues Keynote- 6:00PM- Mago Hut 


February 2019

Black History Month 

Feb. 1st- International Night-TBA

Feb. 5th- Chinese, Vietnamese, Tibetan New Year 

Feb. 7th- Pilots Paint- 7:00PM- St. Mary's Lounge 

Feb. 20th- World Day of Social Justice 

Feb. 28th- Black History Month Event-TBA 


March 2019

Women's History Month 

National Development Disabilities Month 

Deaf History Month: Mar. 13th- Apr. 15th 

Mar. 8th- International Women's Day 

Mar. 14th- Women's History Month Event-TBA

Mar. 23rd- Hawai'i Club Ho'olaule'a (Luaū)- 5:00PM- Chiles Center 

Mar. 28th- Pilots Paint- 7:00PM- St. Mary's Lounge 

Mar. 31st- International Transgender Day of Visibility 


April 2019

Diversity Month 

Apr. 2nd- World Autism Day 

Apr. 4th- Pilots Paint- 7:00PM- St. Mary's Lounge