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Diversity Collaborators

Student Diversity Collaborators help plan programs and events to create a welcoming campus environment and community network for students at UP. Diversity Collaborators plan annual events in order to further enrich the appreciation of diversity at University of Portland.
The Diversity Collaborators have office hours hours every week. Office hours are held weekly
head shot for Autumn Clay

Autumn Clay: she/her/hers

"Chose to be a Diversity Collaborator to help bring forward histories of those marginalized."

head shot of Sabrina Legaspi

Sabrina Legaspi: she/her/hers

"Chose to be a Diversity Collaborator to work with diverse communities on campus."

head shot of Marisa Johnson

Marisa Johnson: she/her/hers

"Chose to be Diversity Collaborator to help people on campus feel more comfortable and to educate her peers."