Connor Ward

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
I would love to stay in college forever, but if I have to leave I plan on staying in the Portland area and working as a financial manager.

Favorite core class?
My favorite core class was Fine Arts with Professor Pulver. I love art and this class covered many forms, such as drawing, music, drama and sculpture.

Favorite professor and why?
Dr. Holloway, who teaches Cross-Cultural Organization Behavior among other marketing and strategy classes at UP. He also played a huge role in launching UP's master program specifically for strategy in the brewing industry.

Favorite Portland landmark?
It isn't exactly in Portland, but the Columbia River Gorge has to be my favorite place in the area with some of the best hiking I've ever experienced. Sauvie Island, Forest Park and Kelly Point Park are close runners up.

Hidden talent?
I know a fair amount of movie quotes and I can almost juggle.

Activities or clubs you are involved with or other leadership positions?
Other than being a Student Ambassador, I am the president of the Rock Skipping Club, and I have done just about every intramural sport available. 

What is a Pilot?
A Pilot is someone who loves wearing nautical themed purple clothing and yelling at soccer games.

Favorite Pilots After Dark event?
Pumpkin carving during Halloween was a ton of fun, or when they do karaoke.

Why did you decide to enroll at University of Portland?
The small class sizes and excellent Business program were huge factors, but overall it was the students that brought me here. I participated in Weekend on the Bluff my senior year in high school, and the students I stayed with made me feel right at home. I also didn't hurt that Portland is such a fun city. 

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