Zack Turley

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Upon graduation I will also dual commission into the United States Air Force as an Officer. If (after my service requirement is completed) I decide I want to leave the Air Force, I plan to become a world famous food critic, sampling and tasting deliciousness from across the globe.   

Favorite core class?
My favorite core class at UP was Interpersonal Communications with Dr. Fletcher. The class material was super interesting and made us view and experience the world with a new lens.

Favorite professor and why?
Dr. Tara Maginnis is my favorite teacher at UP. She is full of energy, always engaging during lectures, and is incredibly established within the Marine Biology career field. In addition, she gives students opportunities for independent study and research with inter tidal critters in the Crab Lab which is tons of fun! 

Favorite Portland landmark?
Alberta Street. This amazingly Portland street holds many fun attractions and stores as well as the most delicious concoction of culinary mastery. The Reggie Delux. This expertly crafted feast consists of fried chicken, bacon, egg, and melted cheese all sandwiched between a biscuit. And if that's not good enough for you, the entire thing is smothered in sausage gravy... It's happiness on a plate. 

Hidden talent?
I can spin anything on my fingers. I also dabble in professional ping pong. 

Activities or clubs you are involved with or other leadership positions?
Besides being a Student Ambassador, I am also in the Air Force ROTC program, reigning champion at various intramural sports, adventure extraordinaire within the Outdoor Pursuits Program, and a member of the Green Dot Initiative. 

What is a Pilot?
A pilot is anyone within the University of Portland community who bleeds purple. Although this condition is a rare breed, its symptoms are well known and include, but are not limited to, painting up/wearing kilts to soccer games, reliving the 1990's through the Dance of the Decades, or simply attending the best university in our nation.

Favorite Pilots After Dark event?
Four words... DANCE OF THE DECADES! Crowds from all over campus gather for one night of crazy fun, dancing, and a great time. Whether you plan to jazzercise all night or bring out that rock-n-roll attitude, the dance is a highlight of the year to look forward to. 

Why did you decide to enroll at University of Portland?
I chose UP because I loved the small community feel of campus. The moment I walked on campus I fell in love with the people, faculty, and the UP family.

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