Alternative Format Text

Accommodations Available:

  • Electronic texts
  • Text-to-speech software (available via the University Software Download Center)
  • Text enlargements

Make a request:

  • Notify Accessible Education Services (AES) which textbooks you need in alternate format at least 4 weeks prior to the start of each semester, and include the specific course information for each textbook. This allows AES time to prepare materials in an accessible format or to make requests from publishers.  Please contact AES and we are glad to assist you in this process.

Policies and Guidelines:

  • You must have a qualifying disability and be registered with AES.
  • You must own a physical copy of the text that is provided in an alternative format and provide a copy of the receipt or proof of purchase before access may be given to the alternate format.
  • You may not copy, reproduce, revise, convert, disassemble, modify, sell, rent, lend, give or share the alternate formats of the textbooks with any individual, group, business or other entity. Sharing alternate format materials with any unauthorized source may result in prosecution for copyright infringement under federal law.