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Course Substitution, Reduced Courseload, and Class Attendance

Foreign Language Course Substitution

  • If you are a student with a disability, you will need to complete the same degree requirements as your peers. However, for the CAS foreign language requirement you may request a substitution or replacement for courses specifically impacted by a disability as a reasonable accommodation. For further information please see the Course Substitution Request Form.

Make a request:

  • To request a foreign language course substitution accommodation, please notify the AES Program Manager to begin the request process as early as possible for planning of program requirements.

Reduced Courseload

  • You may request, as an accommodation, a reduced number of credit hours without negatively affecting your status as a full-time student.  Note: this accommodation is subject to essential program requirements.

Make a request:

  • At least two (2) weeks before classes begin, notify the Program Manager that you would like to request a reduced courseload accommodation.

Policies and Guidelines:

  • You may request an accommodation to be considered full-time for purposes of institutional financial aid only, while taking nine (9) credit hours or above. Note: All credits must be registered before the Add/Drop deadline each semester. Further information is available from the AES Program Manager.
  • The Financial Aid Office is responsible for individual financial aid assessment, including budget allowance, family contribution, and program eligibility.  Financial accommodations may include budget allowances for extra expenses related to the disability, in some circumstances.

Class Attendance

  • Generally students are expected to follow established classroom attendance policies. However, some disabilities are episodic, and students may have to miss class for medical concerns or other individual needs.

Make a request:

  • At least two (2) weeks before classes begin, notify the Program Manager that you would like to request a class attendance accommodation.

Policies and Guidelines:

  • In general, students must maintain ongoing proactive communication with faculty and the AES Program Manager in order to discuss arrangements for, and manage their accommodation, to be able to make up missed work due to missing class due to exacerbation of condition, within course, program and University essential requirements. Note: Each course may have different attendance requirements determined to be essential,  with a maximum of 30% of missed class meetings. Further information and support available from the AES Program Manager.