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Interpreters & Captioning

Accommodations available:

  • Interpreting, meaning-for-meaning transcription, and captioning in the classroom and in non-classroom settings

Make a request:

  • Submit your class schedule to AES at least four (4) weeks in advance of the start of classes.
  • Meet with your instructor prior to the first day of class to introduce yourself and explain your communication needs. AES is available for support in this process.
  • Let AES know of any problems or needs immediately, including a need for interpreting in non-classroom settings;
  • Communicate directly with non-academic departments at least 2 business days in advance about interpreting needs for these non-classroom activities. Be aware that four (4) weeks advance notice is needed for requesting interpreters for a theatrical performance.
  • Communicate with your Residence Director and the Director of Public Safety about any changes or special needs, including emergency evacuation preparation, you have in their areas of responsibility.

Policies and Guidelines: 

  • All requests for interpreters must be made electronically 48 hours in advance e.g. a request for an interpreter needed Thursday at 8:00 am must be made no later than Tuesday at 8:00 am. Requests made less than 48 hours in advance e.g. 8:02 am, it will not be processed unless approved by AES Program Manager.
  • All interpreter cancellations must be made electronically at least 24 hours in advance e.g. a cancellation for 2:00 pm on Wednesday must be received by 2:00 pm on Tuesday. A cancellation submitted at 2:02 pm is considered an untimely cancellation.
  • 2 untimely cancellations made without 24 hours notice will result in suspension of interpreter/captioner services If services are suspended, student must meet with AES immediately in order to reinstate accommodations.
  • Notify AES and the interpreter immediately of any change in your class schedule.
  • The interpreter/captioner should introduce themselves to the instructor and explain the role of the interpreter/captioner in the class.
  • The interpreter/captioner will interpret the lecture material as accurately as possible. It is your responsibility to prepare for class so that you will understand the information being interpreted.
  • Please do not socialize with the interpreter during class. Communication is a two way process; the instructor has the right to request that the interpreter interpret all of your comments.
  • Interpreters have the responsibility to arrive to all classes on time. If you want to communicate with the instructor or another student after a class, please check with the interpreter to see if there is enough time before his/her next scheduled assignment. If the interpreter is not available, you can schedule an appointment with the instructor and request an interpreter for that meeting through AES.
  • You have the responsibility to arrive to all classes on time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, the interpreter has the right to leave.
  • Let AES know of any problems or needs immediately, including a need for interpreting in non-classroom settings.