Note Taking

Accommodations Available:

  • Volunteer note takers

Make a request:

  • Try to find a classmate to share notes with you.
  • Meet with your professor, preferably before classes begin, and ask your professor to help you. Your professor may choose another student to be the note taker or announce the need for volunteers to the class without identifying you.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Once your note taker has been identified, please send AES the following information:
    • Full name of the AES student receiving notes.
    • Full name of note taker providing notes.
    • The course and section of the class (ex: PHL 220C).
    • The professor's name.
  • Meet with your note taker in order to arrange a system for sharing notes. Some ideas include:
    • Meet your note taker in the library to scan or copy notes on a library copy machine.
    • Your note taker can take notes on a laptop computer and then e-mail the notes to you.
    • You can give your note taker NCR paper, which is available in the AES office.
  • Discuss with the note taker any abbreviations and symbols that might be used in the notes.
  • Note takers are not obligated to share notes with you when you do not attend class. Please let the note taker know in advance if you will be absent from class.
  • Mutual respect and courtesy are important in all relationships. Remember that the note taker is performing this duty voluntarily.