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Student Alumni Association

Our Mission

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is a student-led club that fosters tradition and school spirit, builds pride and loyalty, creates future alumni leaders, and encourages interaction between students and alumni. To promote this mission, the Student Alumni Association is involved in various events meant to increase the interaction between alumni and students.

Survival Kits

Survival Kits are SAA's main fundraiser. In the fall and spring, family members are encouraged to purchase a SAA Survival Kit for their students to help them get through finals week. Pilot Survival Kits sales are now closed for the Fall Semester. Parents will receive a notice in February when Spring Survival Kits go live.

Lunch with Pilots

Each semester, SAA invites 3-5 alumni to campus to have lunch with a small group of students and share their career experience. If you're interested in leading a lunch, please contact Nancy Nofziger at 503.943.8327 or