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Living Stone Small Groups

Be My Neighbor

Living Stone student leaders have identified the following focus for the 2019 spring semester:

Students sitting outside the chapel

"What does it mean to be a neighbor? Our Living Stone groups try to foster this notion through small communities of sharing. We have seen a want and need in the wider UP community for honest genuine conversations and vulnerable communities that support one another through the best and worst. Living Stone groups allow for a space of conversation and reflection that molds to what the community needs most at the time. We hope you take the time to try out our group and practice what it means to be a community and to love your neighbor as yourself.

The Living Stone Small Group program exists to create a supportive community in which all UP students can explore their deepest questions, be known for who they are, and practice accepting others unconditionally. Each small group is led by a pair of student leaders, who work to provide a welcoming atmosphere and help participants to engage with questions of faith, morality, values, and culture."

We'll have more information about sign-ups soon. If you'd like to talk more about connecting with a Living Stone group, please contact Veronicca Bathon at