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Ecumenical & Multifaith Resources

Campus Ministry seeks to support all students in the practice of their faith, following in the mission of the University to educate both the heart and the mind.

School-wide prayer service

All students are welcome to participate in Campus Ministry retreats and programs and to attend Mass.

We have also noted a few resources, both on and off campus, that students may wish to explore as they grow in faith.

Campus Ministry Programs


Fish is a student-led Christian community that gathers for worship, faith-sharing, and fellowship on a weekly basis and draws students from many denominations. Fish also engages in fun community-building activities, coordinates Bible Studies, and facilitates carpools to off-campus church services.

Small Groups

A variety of opportunities for conversation and community in a small group setting are available. We encourage students of all faith backgrounds to participate and enrich the conversation with their unique perspectives! Learn more about small faith-sharing communities here.


Retreats take place throughout the year and offer a range of ways to engage with questions of faith, vocation, and identity while in college. Retreats range in size and focus, from a small silent retreat to individual hall retreats to our flagship Encounter With Christ. All are welcome!

Additional Resources On Campus

The Muslim Prayer Room is accessible from the lower level of Christie Hall, next to the International Student Services Office. The room is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m., and students can also request after hours access.

The Jewish Student Union is a student club on campus. The purpose of this club is to bring together a Jewish community through a celebration of holidays and Friday night dinners for Shabbat, as well as to educate and interest Jewish and non-Jewish students to learn more about Judaism.

We also encourage you to explore UP’s Diversity & Inclusion website.

Off-campus Resources

For a list of local faith communities popular with UP students, click here!

Know that the Campus Ministry team is excited to get to know you throughout your college experience wherever you may be on your faith journey. We encourage you to get in touch if you have questions about locating resources or if you simply would like to talk with a Campus Minister.

If you have questions about the resources on this page or would like to provide feedback or suggestions, please contact