Faith & Formation Ambassadors

The Faith & Formation Ambassadors foster community within the dorms and make sure each and every person feels welcome and loved in order to become the very best versions of themselves.
- Ally Liedtke, '15-'16 FFA (Corrado Hall)

The Faith & Formation Ambassador (FFA) program is an opportunity for the emerging student leader who desires to grow in faith while serving the University of Portland community. FFAs find the space, structure, and guidance to grow actively and critically in faith, build community within a particular residence hall, and serve others.

Responsibilities of the Faith & Formation Ambassador include:

  • This year's Faith & Formation Ambassadors

    Presence in and support of the residence hall and collaboration with other student leaders in the hall

  • Engagement in personal faith through prayer, faith-sharing, and regular meetings with a spiritual companion in the UP community

  • Participation in a weekly 1-credit, upper division theology seminar class designed to help students reflect on their leadership experiences

  • Monthly prayer and social time with adults with intellectual disabilities through the L'Arche at U.P. program

  • Attendance on a weekend retreat for reflection on the FFA experience

The Faith & Formation Ambassador program is a collaboration of the Office of Residence Life, the Moreau Center, and Campus Ministry. Each FFA receives advising from a residence life senior staff member who creates the detailed responsibilities that best fit the hall.

For more information, contact Fr. Tim Weed, C.S.C. ( or by phone at 503.943.8919.