Vocation Discernment

Students looking at quad outside

"Who am I?"

"What am I to do in life?"

These are two very fundamental questions with which all people wrestle. Discernment is the process of bringing these questions before God and opening your heart to God, who desires to lead you into the answers.

College is a time when questions about yourself and your future can be particularly pressing. It is a time to discern how best to use your God-given gifts and talents in day to day life as well as in a career. It can also be a time to discern if God is calling you to live the consecrated religious life, to serve as a priest, to be married, or to live a meaningful and happy life as a single person. 

Campus Ministry offers several resources to assist you in your work of discernment:

  • Opportunities to grow in relationship with God: Your vocation is that path that will lead you most fully into life in God. Therefore any effort to grow in your relationship with God will help. So get involved! Participate in liturgies, join a small faith-sharing group, go on a retreat, or develop your prayer life. Each of Campus Ministry’s offerings aims to support you in this growth and, therefore, in your discernment.
  • Conversations: Talking with a mentor in the faith can help open up the ways that God is speaking to you. Reach out to any Campus Minister to have a conversation about the questions on your mind and how you might open your heart more fully to God’s call. Spiritual Mentorship is another opportunity to enter into such conversations.
  • Discernment Retreat: This retreat is an opportunity to learn more about the work of discernment as well as to find some quiet space to enter more deeply into your conversation with God. 
  • Religious Life and Priesthood Discernment: We also offer opportunities to learn more about the call to religious life and the priesthood. These include small group conversations with others who are considering this call as well as opportunities to meet men and women who are priests, brothers, and sisters.

If you have any questions about discerning your vocation or would like a conversation about a possible call to religious life or the priesthood please contact Fr. Jim Gallagher, C.S.C. at gallaghe@up.edu or 503.943.8011.