Getting Confirmed

RCIA and Confirmation FAQ

We’re so happy you’re considering completing your initiation into the Catholic Church through the Sacrament of Confirmation! Each year, students at the University of Portland deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic community by preparing to receive their Confirmation in the midst of their academic journey. The reasons for beginning this journey toward Confirmation are as diverse as the individuals who undertake it, but we are ready to walk with you as you discern God’s call to full, active Christian life in the Catholic Church.

"Receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit."

At UP, we have two distinct ministries that assist people in their journeys toward getting Confirmed: the RCIA and the Short Course. The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (or RCIA) process is the normative process by which non-Catholic individuals are welcomed into the life of the Catholic Church; however, it also serves as a means of preparation for some baptized Catholics on their journey toward Confirmation. The process consists of a series of stages of preparation, discernment, and accompanying steps (called “Rites”) that take place over a period ranging from a few months to a few years, depending on the individual’s spiritual journey with Jesus Christ. Properly engaged, this process leads individuals toward a profound personal relationship with God through spiritual, intellectual, moral, and communal formation. The RCIA Process is ideal for baptized Catholics preparing for Confirmation (and, if necessary, reception of First Holy Communion), especially if one has been away from the regular practice of the Catholic faith for some time, or for those who may need a bit of a review on what it means to be a Catholic Christian. At UP, the RCIA Process begins in September and runs through the end of the spring semester with the process culminating in reception of Confirmation and Holy Eucharist after a public Profession of Faith, all of which normally takes place in the Chapel of Christ the Teacher on campus during the Easter season.

For those individuals who desire to celebrate Confirmation in the Catholic Church, who have been well-rooted in the life and teachings of the Catholic faith, and who have been actively practicing the Catholic faith for at least the past two years, we offer the Short Course Process. The Short Course serves as a condensed process (one semester in length) of Sacramental Preparation for those baptized Catholics with a good amount of previous experience studying and living the Catholic Christian faith. The Short Course also serves as a refresher on what makes us unique as Catholic Christians, and it culminates in reception of the Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Eucharist after a public Profession of Faith, which normally takes place in the Chapel of Christ the Teacher on campus toward the end of the spring semester.

If you would like more information on getting Confirmed at UP, please email Alex Roth at or call 503.943.7863.