Resuming Public Mass


Resumption of Public Mass in the Chapel of Christ the Teacher

The Archdiocese of Portland has permitted the resumption of Public Masses on a limited basis for parishes and churches within its confines. Campus Ministry at the University of Portland is glad to have the opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist with members of the community and has established the following protocol and guidelines for attending Mass at the Chapel of Christ the Teacher for the safety of those participating.

It must first be understood that Archbishop Sample has continued the Dispensation for the Sunday Obligation to attend Mass. The Faithful are under no obligation, in any way, to attend Mass. Therefore, the main idea for resuming public Mass is not to get people to Sunday Mass per se, but to allow the opportunity to participate in and receive the Eucharist on any given day of the week. Furthermore, those who are in a vulnerable, high risk age bracket (65 years or older), have any underlying health conditions, exhibiting symptoms of illness – no matter how slight, or have a general concern about going about in public, are urged to avoid coming to Mass at this time. Attendance at Mass is purely voluntary for those who are not in the above categories, and wish to be present and receive the Eucharist.

Protocol for Attending Mass

  • A request to attend Mass must be submitted via the survey link on the Campus Ministry website. All the questions on the survey must be answered. If you cannot access the survey, then you may submit a request via email ( or call our office at 503.943.7131. We will then collect the necessary information from you.
  • Campus Ministry will then develop a rotation for Masses, based on survey responses, to allow the Faithful to attend. It is important to note that, per the executive order of Governor Brown, no more than 25 people may be gathered in one place. You will be contacted with the Mass(es) that you have been assigned to attend. The 25-person limit is firm and cannot be violated for any reason.
    • Only those on the list for that Mass will be permitted to enter the Chapel to attend. If you are not on the list for that day, then we will take your information and attempt to get you on our rotation.  
    • We will keep track of the lists for each Mass so that we may provide information for contact tracing should an illness develop in someone who attended.
  • It is requested that you arrive for Mass 15 minutes prior to the beginning of Mass (e.g. Mass at 10:30 a.m., please arrive no later than 10:15 a.m.) so that you may be seated and receive instructions that will help to move through Mass while attending to the safety of all gathered.
    • Social Distancing guidelines will be observed. Members of separate households must be seated at least 6 feet apart. Pews in the chapel will be marked, and the Hospitality Minister at the door will provide you with instruction to find your seat.
  • Masks are expected for all those in attendance. There cannot be congregational singing if masks are not worn. The priest will wear a mask for the distribution of Holy Communion.
    • Campus Ministry will continue to post worship aids on our website. If you wish to have this as a resource, either download it to your phone or print it out before coming to Mass. It will not be provided in the Chapel.
      • If you are interested in following the readings as well, Campus Ministry suggests the USCCB website, or downloading the iBreviary or Laudate apps, both of which are free on Android and iOS.
  • If you will be receiving Holy Communion, please follow the following protocols:
    • Pews will be dismissed individually. Please follow the directions of the Hospitality Minister and adhere to the social distancing markers on the floor of the main aisle.
    • To receive communion in the hand, please leave your mask on until the Host is placed in your hand. After your ‘amen,’ you may turn and lower your mask to consume the Host. Please do not walk away with the Host, nor bring it back to your pew to consume.
    • If you will be receiving on the tongue, please follow the protocol:
      • Those receiving on the tongue are asked to wait until the end of the line to receive. If your pew is dismissed, please stand, socially distant on the brick floor by the baptismal font. As communion ends, the Hospitality Minister will indicate that you should come forward.
      • To receive on the tongue, please leave your mask up until after you say ‘amen,’ then lower your mask, receive the Host on your tongue and replace your mask.
  • The priest or other deputized minister of Holy Communion will wash their hands immediately prior to and after distribution of the Hosts.
  • As you move around the chapel during the distribution of Holy Communion, please do not touch other people’s spots. A prayerful posture of the hands will make sure that this does not occur.
  • To enter and exit the Chapel of Christ the Teacher, the following protocol must be observed:
    • All attendees are asked to arrive through the main entrance of the Chapel. They will be met by the Hospitality Minister who will check their names off on the Mass list. Attendees will then be directed to a seat as indicated by the ‘reserved’ signs on the back of the pews.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available near the entrance of the Chapel for all attendees to sanitize their hands after they enter.
  • Upon the completion of Mass, the congregation is asked to exit out of multiple doors. The doors behind the altar screen will be propped open after Communion is distributed, and the main entrance will be available as well. It is requested that people exit in a socially distant manner. Do not congregate at doors or within the Chapel of Christ the Teacher.
  • Only one person will be permitted in the restrooms at any given moment, unless assisting another member of the same household. Please follow the directions of the Hospitality Minister.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Campus Ministry will provide an overview of these protocols as well at the beginning of each Mass. We are glad to be able to resume the public celebration of Mass with the Faithful. Please review these protocols before attending Mass at the Chapel of Christ the Teacher. If you have any concerns, please reach out to us at Know of our prayers.