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Recruiting on Campus

The Career Center invites you to participate in recruiting events and programs on campus. Employers can work with the staff to coordinate on-campus interviews, employer information sessions, and attendance at the annual career fairs. The annual career fairs will be held in spring 2019.


Event space fills up quickly on our campus and we want to make sure you connect with UP Pilots this year! Contact the Career Center at 503.943.7201 for assistance with on campus recruiting.

What types of recruiting events are available?

We are always happy to work with you to make your recruiting event the best given your interests! Typical events in the past have included:

  • Experiential workshops for students - teach our students a skill based on your industry experience. Program examples include: "Resumes for environmentalists", "Technical interviewing skills for engineers," How to network into an internship in Marketing"
  • Information sessions - highlight your specific organization and internship/job offerings through a presentation on campus and networking with students
  • On-campus interviews - space is available to recruit qualified candidates who have applied for your internship or full-time opportunities
  • Site visit - organized student group visit to your company location to hear directly from employees about your internship or full-time opportunities
  • Career panels - Represent your organization, industry or career path on a themed panel with a set of diverse employers/alumni contacts
  • Career Fairs - There are four on-campus fairs each spring.  

If you are interested in recruiting on campus, please contact the Career Center at 503.943.7201.