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Academic Credit Internships

An academic credit internship involves a student enrolling in a course and gaining approval to complete the internship for credit from a faculty member.  Academic departments offer internship courses for credit, typically under a 497 course number. These are variable credit courses - students and faculty determine the amount of credits applicable based on the site hours and meeting hours with the faculty member. 

All academic credit internship courses may receive an in-progress grade. Students may start the internship during one semester and carry it over to the next (for example: enrolling in spring and completing the internship in the summer). Students must enroll in the semester in which the internship begins or the majority of the internship is taking place.

For a listing of academic credit internship courses, please see the current UP Bulletin.

Students enrolled in the Pamplin School of Business are automatically enrolled in an internship for credit as part of the P4 program

Steps to enroll in an academic credit internship:

  1. Secure the internship or be in the process of securing the internship
  2. Verify that you have time and ability to meet the minimum site hours and faculty meeting hours during the internship - see chart below:
  3. Obtain a variable credit form from the Registrar’s office to enroll in an internship course
  4. Meet with a faculty member to approve the internship and get the variable credit form signed
Credit Hours Internship Site Hours Faculty Contact Hours
1 40 total hours at the site (3 hours/week for 14 weeks) 5 instructional hours
2 80 total hours at the site (6 hours/week for 14 weeks) 10 instructional hours
3 120 total hours at the site (9 hours/week for 14 weeks) 15 instructional hours

Steps to complete an academic credit internship:
  1. Work at the internship site and complete syllabus required readings and assignments
  2. Submit a UP internship learning agreement approximately two weeks after the start of the internship
  3. Meet with your faculty supervisor during the internship
  4. Submit a final evaluation upon the completion of the internship (your faculty supervisor or internship staff will send this form to you)


Contact Audrey Fancher, internship & engagement coordinator, in the Career Center at 503.943.8445 or