Internship Basics

What is an Internship?


Project Based

Project Based

Intern works on project(s) for the organization

For example:

  • Developing a social media campaign and outreach plan for a youth organization.
  • Intern conducts research in a retail department and provides feedback on what products to stock.

Operational Project

Operational Project

Intern receives training on day to day operations and assists through work tasks

For example:

  • Intern conducts research & provides office support for a political campaign.
  • Intern attends staff meetings and learns new computer programs to support the team.

Academic Credit or Pay?


Academic Credit

  • Internship applies credits to major or electives needed through an internship class
  • Meet directly with Faculty member during the internship for support
  • There are required hours to work at the site, learning agreement and evaluations
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You can receive pay in addition to credit!

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