Fill out an Internship Learning Agreement

The University of Portland Internship Learning Agreement (Experience Form in Handshake) is the crucial first step in establishing clear expectations through outlining your learning goals and how they relate to your job duties in the internship. By completing this form, you will be prepared to maximize your internship experience. Completing this form also allows the University of Portland to know how to best support you in your internship!

The University of Portland wants to capture all internship experiences. Click on the corresponding program to learn more. 

Click here to fill out your Learning Agreement (Experience Form) in Handshake. 

For Credit Internship

Students sitting in a row
  • Internship applies credits to major or electives needed through an internship class
  • There are required hours to work at the site, learning agreement and evaluations
  • Meet directly with Faculty member during the internship for support so you can gain the most from your professional experience

Independent Internship

  • We want to support you and help you gain the most from your professional experience
  • No credit is given through an academic class
  • When you request an internship through Handshake, the University of Portland can better understand your involvement off campus