Employer Best Practices and Resources for Handshake Virtual Career Fairs

Pre Event 

Overview & Employer Registration 

  • Check out this article for a step-by-step guide in registering for Handshake’s virtual career fairs  
  • To learn more about Handshake’s virtual career fair platform, check out this virtual fair training webinar recording, hosted by Handshake  
  • Once an employer has registered via Handshake your registration will be reviewed by the UP Career Center. If approved, employers are able to generate session schedules for representatives that will be present. 
    • Students can then learn about employers and share their profile in intimate group sessions or get 1:1 facetime with recruiters
    • Each company may have up to 100 representatives per fair 

TO DO: Action Items in Advance of the Fair

  • The expo registrant must schedule their company’s 1:1 and/or group sessions ASAP and well in advance of the fair.
    • IMPORTANT: They should assign colleagues to their organization’s 1:1 and group sessions well in advance.
    • DO NOT wait until the day (or week) of the expo.
    • IMPORTANT! All company representatives participating in a 1:1 and/or group session must have a Handshake account activated in advance, because they will need to login to launch a Handshake video session the day of the expo.  

1:1 & Group Sessions – Creating Virtual Schedules  

  • Schedule Creation: Check out this article for a step-by-step.  
  • Claiming and Participating in 1:1 and/or Group Sessions: Check out this article for a step-by-step.  
  • ReminderEach company rep must have a Handshake account to be assigned and claim a schedule.  
  • Do you (or a colleague) need to set up a free recruiter account within Handshake? No problem! Reach out to Mayfield@up.edu for quick and easy next steps. 

1:1 Sessions

  • 10 minute time slots between 1 company rep and 1 student. 
  • Each recruiter can set their own schedule. If you decide to create qualifications, we highly encourage you to not select majors
    • To note, 48 hours before the fair Handshake remove all qualifications from 1:1 sessions. 
  • Students are now able to share their screens with employers.
  • Students can share their screens to show off a project, portfolio, or website. 
  • In these sessions, employers will be identified as the Host, and they will be able to share their screen with participants. Employers will be able to see profiles and public resumes, as well as message the students they engage at the fair, making it easy to prepare for and follow up on all of their sessions.
  • The 10-minute 1:1 sessions go by very quickly! Be sure to review the Handshake profiles of each student ahead of time within the RSVP tab, to familiarize yourself with their background.
  • New Tip: You will now get a notification when a student signs up for a session or cancels on the day of the fair.
  • Important! Handshake does not currently save your chat.   

Group Sessions 

  • 30 minutes – up to 50 total participants (12 Total Group Sessions) 
  • Multiple recruiters can attend, talk with students, and share their screen. 
  • Group sessions are great for general networking and group conversation. 
  • Students can raise their hands to ask questions. 
  • Important! Handshake does not currently save your chat.   
  • Get creative with your topics: what value and insight can you bring to student’s career journey 
  • Theme Ideas: Ask Me Anything, Industry Insight, Workplace Culture DEI Initiatives  
  • Be sure to use descriptive and eye-catching titles for your group sessions. 


  • Employers receive a pop-up notification 1 minute prior to session end time.
  • Students will have access to a live chat feature
  • Be sure to have your preferred means of contact ready to share (e.g. email, LinkedIn profile link, etc.). Exchange information early in the session as this allows for easy follow up/way to keep conversation going as time will fly by.
    • Pro Tip: Share your contact information in the chat box right away when you join your session(s). 
    • Important! Handshake does not currently save your chat.   
  • Students are able to mute or unmute themselves
  • Students will be able to “raise their hand” during a group session to ask a question. Employers will be able to call on a student's raised hand. The student will be notified it is their turn to unmute themselves and ask a question.   
  • In group sessions of less than 15 participants, mics and videos will not be automatically be muted. 
  • Employers can share their screens  


Technical Reminders: 

  • You are able to log in 60 minutes prior to the start of your session. 
  • Use Chrome browser (DO NOT USE Internet Explorer) 
  • 3G or 4G wireless or broadband connection 
  • Built in or USB camera, and built in, USB or Bluetooth mic/speakers 
  • Mac, Windows, Linux iOS, Android 
  • Test ahead of time! Go to https://networktest.twilio.com/  
  • Employers can go to this link to create a test session to check that video/audio are working. They can also invite colleagues to participate. (Help).
  • On day of the virtual event, within your fair “schedule” there is a launch/join video button that you can click on for each time slot (it appears about an hour before that time slot starts).
    • When selected, a new window/browser tab pops up, so ensure you are allowed pop ups from Handshake in your Chrome browser.
  • Be sure to refresh your schedules often during the virtual event, since students can keep signing up for available time slots throughout the event.
  • Be sure to keep track of time! While you will get a 1 minute warning, your session will not automatically end at the scheduled time. It is your responsibility to end the session. 

Additional Helpful Resources: