2018 Internship Stories

Check out what internships our students have for summer 2018.

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Brenna Chapman

Brenna Chapman - Class of 2019
Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual

"This internship has challenged me in more ways than I can count, but the work I’m doing is so rewarding, and the people I have rooting for me and mentoring me make it all worth it."

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Brooke Hintze

Brooke Hintze - Class of 2019
Marketing Communications Intern at Carvana

"I believe internships are valuable because it gives you an opportunity to apply your studies and explore a possible career to see if it is your passion."

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Zack Sims

Zack Sims - Class of 2019
Accounts Payable Intern at Cascade Aids Project

"Internships give students opportunities to discover what they will possibly be doing when they graduate from college, and if it is something that they can see themselves doing 20 years down the line. "

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Meghan Powers

Meghan Powers - Class of 2021
Publicity Intern for Sub Pop Records

"With this internship, I have learned what it is like to be in a creative professional environment."

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Jack Welch

Jack Welch - Class of 2019
MDI Analyst Intern at PACCAR Parts

"Internships not only further your network, but it also gives you a chance to take what you have learned in a college setting and apply it to real world problems."

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Alex Rodgers

Alex Rodgers - Class of 2019
Sales and Marketing Intern at KemperSports - Chambers Bay

"I love my internship because of the fast-past environment and I get experience in business management, sports and event marketing, and digital media optimization."

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Jonathan McRobb-Bishop

Jonathan McRobb-Bishop - Class of 2019
Summer intern at DFS Group Ltd

"I have been able to take my previous work experience and what I have learned at UP to be successful in this internship."

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Connor Lorber

Connor Lorber - Class of 2019
Marketing Intern at University of Portland Learning Commons

"For this summer, I applied to numerous different internships, met with several different people, and had a couple formal interviews before I got my internship."

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