2019 Next Port

Next Port highlights seniors graduating in May 2019 and their journey after UP. Our Pilots participate in a wide variety of amazing programs and organizations during their time at UP, and continue on doing amazing things after they graduate.

Michelle den Dulk

Michelle den Dulk - Class of 2019
Marketing Internship at Tektronix

"I’m excited to be working in the engineering field, especially as someone who studied communication."

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Hannah Mathew

Hannah Mathew - Class of 2019
Rehab Aide/Office Manager at a Physical Therapy Clinic

"I am excited to get more exposure to and more experience within the career path that I am working towards. "

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Tyler Tangen

Tyler Tangen - Class of 2019
Entering Formation with the Congregation of Holy Cross at Moreau Seminary

"I’ll be entering a very intentional community as well, so I think it’ll be very powerful and formative to live with a group of guys who are also trying to grow as a person and find their place in the world."

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Kathleen Burks

Kathleen Burks - Class of 2019
Graduate school in Spain

"I am looking forward to being in Spain and learning with students from all around the world."

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Sophie Herman

Sophie Herman - Class of 2019
Volunteer nurse in Honduras

"I’m excited to learn about a new culture and meet new people."

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Adam Acevedo

Adam Acevedo - Class of 2019
Dental School at the University of Pacific

"I knew what I wanted to do coming into undergrad so it’s been a big buildup of discovering new things and being part of experiences that have helped get me here."

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Delaney-Deanna Chan

Delaney-Deanna Chan - Class of 2019
Consultant Engineer at FM Global

"All of the engineering faculty has been pivotal in shaping who I am today."

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Anna Wheeler

Anna Wheeler - Class of 2019
Graduate school at the University of Michigan

"Although I am looking forward to beginning my career and advocating for the vulnerable, I plan to enjoy my final two years of college and live up the big school experience."

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Lydia Heye

Lydia Heye - Class of 2019
Attending UCLA School of Law

"I have always had a passion for justice and social reform, so I am anxious to get underway with my career as a lawyer."

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Paige Adler

Paige Adler - Class of 2019
Graduate School at the University of Birmingham in England

"I am excited to be on such an international campus at the University of Birmingham and meet students from all over the world."

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Joseph McKeirnan

Joseph McKeirnan - Class of 2019
Peace Corps in Senegal

"I am most excited for experiencing new places, cultures, people and food."

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Erin Faloon

Erin Faloon - Class of 2019
Volunteering in Honduras

"The Moreau Center for Service and Justice and the Career Center were both really helpful in figuring out what I wanted to do next year"

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Ariana Giblin

Ariana Giblin - Class of 2019
Volunteering with Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Chicago

"I am excited to learn more about the organization I will be volunteering with and how they are tackling issues in Chicago. "

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Laura Pickering

Laura Pickering - Class of 2019
Cab Engineer at Daimler Trucks North America

"I am most excited to be in a new environment and apply all of the knowledge I have gained from my last four years at UP, while still learning more."

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Katie Adams

Katie Adams - Class of 2019
Teaching Middle School Math in Honolulu, HI through the PACE program

"I am looking forward to the challenge and excitement of teaching a new subject and increasing my toolbox as a teacher."

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