Adam Acevedo '19

Adam AcevedoMajor: biology
Next Port: dental school at the University of Pacific

What are you most excited about for your Next Port?

I’m excited to really engulf myself in a setting I’ll be devoting my whole life to, and to build a foundation for my eventual career path. I knew what I wanted to do coming into undergrad so it’s been a big buildup of discovering new things and being part of experiences that have helped get me here; the process had me so stressed and filled with doubt at times, so it’s excited for me to see everything fall into place. 

What is your favorite memory from UP?

My favorite memory from UP has been the extracurriculars I was able to involve myself in. From intramural sports to involvement in several clubs or even working as an assistant in the bio department, I was able to meet many amazing individuals I otherwise wouldn’t have and it has certainly opened up several opportunities for me along the way.

Was there a faculty or staff member, or department that specially helped you land your Next Port?

Along with my professors that helped my application process directly by writing letters of recommendation (Dr. Murray-Bio; Dr. Mayer-Physics), the entire biology department has contributed a lot to my development and have never failed to form an immensely welcoming and helpful environment that enabled me to thrive in. I’m glad I was able to surround myself with extremely intelligible and genuine people that always wanted the best for me; they instilled in me a lot of inspiration and helped drive me to reach the goals I set forth.