Allison Jacobs '20

Summer intern at Washington River Protection Solutions

Allison JacobsAt my summer internship, I am responsible to creating a database and search engine that stores information and photos of the work performed by Washington River Protection Solutions. I applied for this internship to gain field experience for my computer science major. I’ve learned so much during this internship about engineering programs, but I have also been able to explore some sites. My favorite moment of my internship was going to the Hanford site and seeing the B reactor that created the plutonium that was in the atomic bomb the United States dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. It was interesting learning about all of the history behind the Manhattan project and the role Hanford played in ending the war.

I learned about this internship opportunity through a family friend who knew about my interest in computer science. Internships are great for undergraduate students because you get field experience and connections, which can be helpful for jobs after college. I don’t know what kind of job I want after graduation, but I enjoy exploring and learning from different positions in the computer science field.