Brooke Hintze ‘19

Marketing Communications Intern at Carvana

Brooke Hintze“At my internship, I help track media opportunities, record media coverage, and assist the marketing department with projects whenever needed. Throughout the summer I am also working on a cross-functional intern assignment, where my intern team and I will present to Carvana’s executive team at the end of the internship.

Every day I learn more about the field of communications and public relations. Each week we learn about the various departments, so I have learned more than I would have dreamed of about the company’s operations and all its moving parts that work together for each customer

I applied for Carvana’s internship because the company provides its interns hands-on experience in their department, while also having the opportunity to learn more about the other departments and operations as a whole. I was also attracted to Carvana’s innovative nature and the strong company culture.

I believe internships are valuable because it gives you an opportunity to apply your studies and explore a possible career to see if it is your passion. Plus, you can make great connections and learn from professionals each day.”