Connor Lorber ‘19

Marketing Intern at University of Portland Learning Commons

Connor Lorber“At my internship I am working to increase awareness of the University of Learning Commons through Instagram. I am responsible for creating photo and video content with tutors and faculty to be posted on Learning Commons social media. I applied for this internship because I am interested in marketing, camerawork, and videos and the application noted the internship could potentially include videomaking.

This summer I’ve really enjoyed starting the Learning Commons Instagram from the ground-up. I’ve learned a lot about what goes into a marketing plan before anything is actually presented to the public. Right now I have been stockpiling ideas and content and working on a plan of how to utilize all the content we have created.

I think internships are a good way to ease into the working world. As an intern, you aren’t expected to know everything, you get to learn as you go. I encourage other students to keep applying and meeting people in their industry. For this summer, I applied to numerous different internships, met with several different people, and had a couple formal interviews before I got my internship. I learned a lot through this process and was excited to see all the different opportunities out there.  

After I graduate, I plan to stay in the Portland metro area and have a job where I get to work with video, local government, and/or in sustainability.”