Gwen Ulrick ’20

Actuarial Intern at Cambia Health Solutions

Major: Economics
Minors: Math, Global Business, and Spanish

Gwen Ulrick“I build databases, develop models to price products, code programs, and problem solve using applied calculus and statistics to develop solutions that are economically sustainable for Cambia Health Solutions. I have learned so much about programming and strategic problem solving since starting my internship. I have been able to take my knowledge of using models and develop it in a real-life application. My favorite moment was being able to build a model that ran macros in the background with hidden code that can calculate pricing outputs for any demographic and imbeds all the risk codes for each member. I presented this model to my team and they have now started to use it. 

I applied for this internship because I am very interested in being an actuary and wanted to have exposure to this career. I chose to intern at Cambia Health Solutions because of the strong values and focus on person centered health care that is accessible and affordable. These are immense passions of mine and an area I wish to ignite change in throughout my career. I believe that internships help take your passions and apply them to the work place.”