Intern of the Year Award

The University of Portland Intern of the Year Award formally acknowledges a student who demonstrated excellent personal and professional growth during their internship, and who has made a significant contribution to their internship organization. This award recognizes an intern whose exemplary reputation has left a lasting impression upon their workplace, demonstrating the applied value of a University of Portland education. 

2019-2020 Award Winners

Student Dan Moldovan

Dan Moldovan | Electrical Engineering | Class of 2020

Shiley School of Engineering Intern of the Year

During his internship at Maxim Integrated, Dan entered a high-level abstract realm of engineering considered by many in this field to be a “black art.” He took on the challenge by asking a lot of questions in order to understand the complexities of semiconductor theory, which led him to eventually work on one of the company’s most complex semiconductor processes to date. Another major project was to create a software tool that helps with reporting efficiency. Dan was undeterred by anything that was presented to him and rose to the occasion every time he was asked.  

With every task, Dan brought energy, curiosity and focus to his work, and proved to be so valuable to Maxim that they offered him two internship extensions in other departments!  

Student Georgia Paulk

Georgia Paulk | Biology | Class of 2021

College of Arts & Sciences Intern of the Year 

Georgia demonstrated drive, professionalism and deep empathy during her internship at Serendipity Center. She proved to be a gifted teacher, talented educator and natural leader who made a lasting impact on Serendipity’s therapeutic garden programs. Kids were drawn to her genuine and approachable demeanor, continuing to ask about her throughout the school year. Despite the challenges of working with kids with complex needs, she was dedicated and productive throughout the entirety of her internship. Georgia gave 150%, she was always completely present, attentive and proactive.  

Georgia consistently observed a need and seamlessly wove herself into the fabric of the program, benefitting all in the process. The project with the most lasting impact on staff and students’ use of the garden was the creation of beautiful plant markers to identify garden vegetables, which demonstrated a creative and innovative way to bring life and engagement to the space for years to come. 

Student Natalie Nygren

Natalie Nygren | Marketing | Class of 2020

Pamplin School of Business Intern of the Year 

Interning at Newbridge Marketing Group, Natalie began her role as a social media intern, and quickly took on additional responsibilities as she demonstrated skills in software implementation, creative brainstorming and organizational efficiency. Throughout her internship she contributed many insightful thoughts and her perspective helped the agency make a smart decision. She worked to drive an agency social media influencer program, which ranged from coaching content creation to delivering reports to clients. Additionally, Natalie supported the requisition and implementation of a new platform, providing key insights and findings to her team and to clients throughout the process. As an intern, Natalie blew away the expectations and hopes of NMG.  

Natalie has many strengths including leadership, productivity and dedication.  She consistently has a positive and optimistic attitude and now provides insight and intelligence to Newbridge as a full-time member of the team! 

Past Award Winners

Alex Peterson

2018 Winner: Alex Peterson | Class of 2019, Finance

During his internship at Teamlift, Inc, Alex supported efforts to bring affordable eye care options to several boarding schools in northern Malawi. He researched equipment that provides precise eyeglass prescriptions, then found and negotiated an agreement for glasses at low cost. Additionally, by developing a computerized medical records system, and finding a tractor for the school’s farm, his contributions will continue to make an impact for years to come. Even after his internship ended, Alex traveled to Malawi with his supervisor and helped administer hundreds of eye exams and prescription eyewear to students at the boarding school.  

Applying business principles learned in the classroom, Alex directly impacted an entire community in East Africa. His genuine interest in helping others and contributing his skill set to the greater good will certainly be an asset, wherever life takes him.

Catalin Wong

2017 Winner: Catalin Wong | Class of 2018, Marketing

As an intern at AWS Elemental who went above and beyond her core responsibilities, Catalin consistently reached out for additional informational interviews because she was interested in her responsibilities and objectives. She went on to learn more about inclusive language is and how it impacts everything marketers do.  

She then took the time to review the company’s job descriptions to see how they fared on the inclusivity scale. This showed incredible initiative on a topic that is becoming one of the very most important in the tech industry. Catalin’s work with the 4K 4Charity could certainly be described as a special project, as it wasn’t part of her initial core set of responsibilities but became one of the most valuable contributors to that team. Her contributions to AWS Elemental’s efforts to make strides in diversity and inclusion and giving back to the community are some of the biggest the company has seen from any single employee.