Jack Welch '19

MDI Analyst Intern at PACCAR Parts

Jack Welch“At my internship, my day to day responsibilities include working with analysts within the company and working with truck dealerships across the country. My department works on optimizing inventory replenishment for dealerships, so we work very closely with dealers to get an optimal plan for them. 

My favorite aspect of my internship is getting to work with upper management in the company. I am amazed of the impact and level of contribution I am having in my department. I am leading several projects that will not only impact PACCAR Parts, but dealers across the country. I learned about the company when the vice president came to my professional development class sophomore year. I talked with him after class and he invited to me visit the company and do a jobsite visit. Later in the year I interviewed for the position and they hired me two weeks later. 

Internships not only further your network, but it also gives you a chance to take what you have learned in a college setting and apply it to real world problems. Problem solving in the business world isn’t clear cut, so it is important to learn this in a working environment. 

In my future career, I really want to make an impact in whichever industry that I decide to pursue. I love working closely with influential people, because the people you work with are really the ones that make a career enjoyable.”