Jonathan McRobb-Bishop ‘19

Summer intern at DFS Group Ltd 

Jonathan McRobb-Bishop “This summer, I am interning for the vice president of e-Travel and Reimagine Travel Retail at DFS. The team I am working is focused on the goal of turning DFS into an omni-channel company because of the rise in eCommerce and the digitalization of the retail market.

During my internship, I have learned how to adapt and change based on what is asked of me. Each company has its own specific culture, way of doing things and way of operating that contributes to their success. I have been able to take my previous work experience and what I have learned at UP to be successful in this internship.

I believe internships are important for students because they teach you things outside of the classroom. Having an internship teaches you a different type of challenge than school and classes typically present. When you have an internship you learn that your professional career will depend on how well you deliver the projects, and perform to expectations with regard to the jobs and tasks that your boss gives you. 

After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school and hope to become an author, entrepreneur and entertainer.”